maandag 19 oktober 2015


Hello there, Reader!

I am Joel Chaim Holtzman, a professional illustrator and concept artist. Art has been my passion all my life, and after quitting an unsuccessful time at art school, i have been worked hard to launch my career as an artist. Even though i am not that long in the industry, i have worked for various clients, and i am more than passionate about my job. I do not wish to do anything else than art in my life. Furthermore i work as an art teacher at a primary school and i am present at Dutch conventions regularly. In the future i am planning to head to international conventions as well. My dream is to launch my IP in 5-10 years which i started writing in the last few months.

You can find my art at

You may have stumbled upon this part of the internet either through a recommendation, through a share or just through coincidence. You may be an artist, or just an enthousiast. Either way i am happy you have found my blog because it means a lot to me to share any thoughts i have as an artist, regardless if you like what i write or not.

In this blog i will be discussing various subjects, my art, my sources of inspiration, the development of my IP, certain views on prominent elements in the art business; In general, just being in the Wake of Art.

So, this might actually be a beginning of what i hope would be an interesting story i can share with you, since thoughts are meant to be shared. In purpose of educating, warning and strengthening each other; You name it. I hope i will grab your interest, and make sure to start a conversation if anything you read has sparked something in your head.

Good day to you!


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